all things blurt!

Vinyl Magazine #2, march 16 1981

We're here because we're Blurt...Once a heading for an article in an English women's magazine, it inspired the trio from Stroud in choosing a name for their band.
Active for a year and a half now, with a 7" single called "Get" on their own label, and recently one side on the double album "A factory Quartet". By the time of printing this article their first "whole" album should be out on the Armageddon label: "Blurt In Berlin", a live album.
Blurt are: Ted Milton, performer/saxophonist/singer, brother Jake on drums and Peter Creese on guitar.

The fact blurt recorded one side for the famous Factory label has probably put the band more in the limelight than otherwise would have been the case.
Ted, however, seems not that happy with Factory' Records, at least in gestures: a bit of shrugging his shoulders is the first reaction...

V: So, you're not very pleased?

Ted: Well...we're not the only ones, but ofcourse nobody wants to be the whistleblower.



Before Blurt there was least not music. Ted used to run a puppetshow that even brought him to The Milkyway in Amsterdam.

Ted: In those days I had a completely different relation with the audience, developing through my ears, because I couldn't see what was happening from where I was standing.

Also for Jake and Pete Blurt is the first band and due to the unusual line-up the band sometimes is experienced as 'incomplete'. It's all in the ears of the beholder.

Ted: Normally bands have a constellation as a square, but we form a triangle. Pete for instance plays very simple rhyttmic riffs en Jake is a very strong drummer. You can replace the bass very well with a guitar to lay down the rhythm.