all things blurt!

review in New Musical Express – 25th October 1986

Blurt, Happy Mondays, Young Gods – London Bay 63.

Fifty people turn up. C’mon what’s da madder wid ya? Can’t youze see a good thing when it’s starin’ ya in da fays? Now I’m not saying that what we saw was the eight wonder of the world, because it wasn’t. These guys won’t even get near the charts. What it was, was an evening’s entertainment to equal anything you saw. Two of the brightest new bands around – from Switzerland, the Young Gods and the Mancunion Happy Mondays. Plus! As a double delight, the funniest ol’ timer you ever did see. Inspector Deep Throat Nosey Parker himself, Ted Milton. Call it avant-garde, call it plain craziness, but don’t just sit there pretending it ain’t there. Franz Treichler sings for the Young Gods with a voice that tears his own throat. Ripping sheets of movement from the music, Happy Mondays get into being a menagerie. Dangling a loose, scraped-back funk in front of the diminutive audience. Blurt were on form. Ted sporting his usual casual attire and leathern chops. Soon as he’s finished his verbal vomiting, the sax of Stroud starts stomping about. Calling for the downfall of inhibitions with his wild gestures. Why is this hero parading his art to such pitiful attentions after six years? I know. You’re stupid.

Stan Barton