all things blurt!

"Papier" 18th october 1982

A band from Stroud called Blurt. Ted Milton (38, vocals and sax), brother Jake Milton (36, drums and occasional violin) and Peter Creese (35, guitar and occasional trombone) were in Hasselt for the second time in september, kicking off their new European tour. The day after their magnificent concert at Sur+ I had a date with them in the house of promotor "Sexy Jamart". Following is a recapitulation of a chaotic interview in which Ted liked to switch roles and ended up interviewing me most of the time....

E.G.: "The members of Blurt are not really spring chickens anymore,but still you are very popular with the young audiences, and don't get labeled as "old farts", like, for instance Mick Jagger...

Ted: "That's probably because my farts smell a lot better than Jagger's?"

E.G.:: "How would you categorise your music yourself?"

Ted: "I would prefer to hear your definition so I can comment on it."


E.G.:"I find it quite difficult to label it as mere punk or new wave or whatever..."

Ted: "Yes, but do you think there's an influence of these genres in our music?"

E.G.:"On some tracks there's the occasional jazz-chord...and the sax..."

Ted: " I always felt the drums are the jazz element in Blurt...Would you say we play soft, peacefull music?"

E.G.:"No! On the contrary! It's very lively, dance music!"

Ted: "You mean we play disco?"

E.G.:"No, its agressive music."

Ted: "Right....I see..."