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Ted Milton - Back To Normal: Nogales

1 Nogales
2 On Ada & Troop I Swam For Free
3 Take Your Partners For The Bullet,
That Never Left The Gun In Denver, Colorado
4 Ver de Verre
5 Wherever The Unicorn Hides
6 Say Something Sweet
7 I'm Glad My Photograph's Come Down
8 She Spend A Fortune On Lipstick On Me
9 My North Face
10 Treize
13 Walk Like A Nubian
14 Cut
15 Listen To My South Sea Bubble

sax and vocals: Ted Milton, drums: Jean Kowalski, guitars: Jean-Yves Evrard, Vincent Kiwi, bass: Leon Redrolin, percussion: Pierre-Etienne Fourre, saxes: Anne Fievet, Emanuelle Lacroix, Katy Saint-Remy, Jan Rzewski, trombones: Frederic Filiatre, Patrick Goossens, Jules Lallemand, Yves Kimpelaire, Marc Louis, trumpet: Marcus Trobant, valve trombone: Umberto Bonini, synth: Danielle Mickman, clarinets: France Pinon, Patrick goossens II, violins: Baudouin De Jaer,Riad Abdel-Gawad

Self Released CD, not on label, 1995