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Ted Milton - Odes

Compilation of Ted Milton's solo excursions of the past 25 years.

The book collects the poems/lyrics of the tracks on the accompanying CD. Also the 7" vinyl single with the tracks "Pure Scenario" and "Minibar" is included.

1. Nogales
2. Can't Beat Blim
3. Love Is Like A Violence
4.Oh Pity Us
5. She Spent A Forune On Lipstick On Me
6. Miles Away
7. Skies Are Bruised
8. Fragments
9. Thirteen Rules For Composition
10. My North Face
11. Ode! To Be Seen Trough Your Eyes!
12. Shard
13. Where You End

Published by Nadine,Brussels, 2008.
Limited to 250 copies.

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